Orthotics vs Insoles

For an eternity we have been told we need shoes with better support - meaning we should get arch support orthotics. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a custom set, you may want to read this article from the NY Times - Do You Really Need an $800 Custom Insole.

Dr. Benno Nigg of the Human Performance Laboratory, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, concludes that the idea that custom arch support orthotics are supposed to correct mechanical-alignment problems does not hold up.

Click here to access the NY Times article.

If you do this quick three step assessment, you will understand the reason your foot mechanics is off, why it causes you pain and can lead to disability, and why arch support orthotics in most cases will not correct the problem.


Compare Features

ProKinetics® Insoles


Custom  Orthotics

  • Free natural motion


  • Restricted foot motion

  • Strengthens the muscles that control the arches and feet


  • Weakens the arches and feet  (many loose ability to walk barefoot)

  • Dynamic protection against hyperpronation from heel lift to heel lift even when only the forefoot is on the ground


  • Static protection against  hyperpronation at mid-stance only


  • Dynamic protection against supination


  • May cause unwanted supination and unstable ankles

  • Realigns the foot (stops the duck waddle)


  • Provides limited gait realignment (doesn't stop the duck waddle)

  • Improves body posture both when standing and walking


  • Primarily improves standing body posture

  • Ultra thin


    • Bulky

  • Flexible and comfortable



  • Rigid and uncomfortable - often cracks under pressure
    Less effective when made of soft materials

  • Fit in the shoes you have



  • Requires larger shoes - often resulting in bad fit

  • Use in soft, flexible and comfortable shoes


  • Works best in rigid stiff shoes


  • Typically used without arch support except flat feet and temporarily for heel pain*


  • Always incorporate arch supports


    • Fit them right at home


  • Requires 2-3 office visits

  • Priced from $55 - $80


  • Priced from $275 - $600 and up

  • Full money back guarantee incl. original standard shipping and handling



  • Typically offers one free adjustment.  Conditional or no money back guarantee

    • Heel lifts and heel cushions may be added without reducing effectiveness


  • Heel posting (shimming) is often used to reduce static pronation.  Lifts and cushions may be added. 


    *Modest arch support is recommended
    for flexible flat feet and temporarily while
    Plantar Fasciitis heals.

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