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    Eliminate the Chronic Pain Caused by Standing, Walking and Running on Flat floors, Sidewalks, and other artificial surfaces.
  • Restore You Arch Instantly!
Why ProKinetics Insoles will change everything!

Our Typical Customers

Our customers have typically struggled with foot problems for a long time and have tried special shoes and custom orthotics, so they know from their own experience that anti pronation and motion control shoes, and traditional orthotics do not solve this problem. 

The other customers are athletes that are looking to eliminate pain and enhance their performance. Eliminating pain is a great performance enhancer on it own, but the insoles come with an additional benefit.  The ProKinetic insole improves power transfer and as a result benefits any sport that requires the foot, and that cover many sports! We have had sprinters and Crossfit athletes get a personal best the FIRST time they ran, trained or lifted with their insoles. 

What is the "Magic" of the ProKinetics Insole that makes them unique?

ProKinetics® Insoles address the ROOT cause by activating the muscles that NATURALLY bring the base of your big toes to the ground earlier, so your feet stabilize and support your body. Using proprioception, the insole re-educates your foot on how to move properly and transfer power effectively. 

Don't listen to us, were just sales guys, right?

Rowena Farley writes: 

I am a nurse who has had foot pain for many years. I have had multiple diagnoses and I have spent thousands of dollars on orthotics, shoes, physical therapy, other insoles, medications and was seriously considering surgery. In the process of studying my options I recently found your website, and thought, oh well, this sounds different and it's an inexpensive "try".

I cannot believe it, but now I have relief with your insoles and also the Solemate toe pads which I put in my sandals. Thank you so much for the great product!! I wish I had found you sooner, but better late than never.

~Rowena Farley, RN

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If You are still not convinced these insoles will change the way you live and move, read this post from Leon Chaitow. One of the most respected movement specialists in the world. This is NOT a sponsored article, in fact we only found out about the article from our customers and other professionals who came to us to get involved once they read this article.

To Read Leon's Article Click Here


Okay you are now ready to give them a risk free trial, how do I choose? 



Selecting The Right Insole for your Shoes




Natural Body Balance Insoles


Sports, and Sport Shoes:



You wear sneakers, casual shoes or boots with removable insoles, or if this is your first time trying minimalist or barefoot shoes. This insole greatly eases the transition to barefoot shoes. If you are going to be running with your insoles, this is also your best choice.

The ProKinetics® Replacement Insoles are designed to take the place of the original insoles that came with your shoes. Start with the red wedge. After 7-10 days you may add the orange wedge if needed. These insoles also include and integrated and removable arch support if you have flexible flat feet or heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis) However you should remove this arch support if you do not have either of these conditions as arch support is NOT required for the foot to function under normal conditions.

Perfect Fit Ultra Thin Insole Kit


  Workplace and Cycling (Cycling Shoes Need Thin Insoles):






You wear both fashion shoes like pumps, wing tips or loafers during the day and certain sneakers too. If you have been wearing barefoot or minimalist shoes for at least six months and want the added proprioception and ground feel that comes with this insole, this is your choice. These are NOT recommended for barefoot shoes that you will be running more than short distances. Crossfit training is fine though.  

Get everything you need with ProKinetics® Perfect Fit™ UltraThin Insoles Kit. You receive two pair. Start with the least amount of correction (3.5 mm). After 7-10 days you may switch up to the next level (6.0 mm) if you need to. Add optional arch supports (blue or black) if you have flexible flat feet or suffer from heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis). 



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Prokinetics UltraThin Insoles

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ProKinetics Solemate MicroLift 12-pack

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Prokinetics Arch Kit #2

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