Prokinetics Testimonials

Back Pain

Dorothy Duncan from Santa Rosa writes in an e-mail:

Dear Melady,
I am happy to  tell you how much I am enjoying my PCIs.  I am wearing 9mm PCIs.
In July of 2004 I went to see my doctor with severe back pain and spasms.  I also have a bunion at the side of my right large toe.  He recommended that I see a Hanna Somatics Practitioner.   I took his advice.  She examined my posture and my walking and saw that I was turning my right foot to the side to compensate for the bunion which affected my posture.  She gave me a set of exercises and recommended that I use Posture Control Insoles.  I started wearing the PCIs and the exercises the next day and in two days there was no more pain.   Initially I wore the least amount of correction.  I had no trouble adjusting to them; in fact it felt good right from the start. After a month I moved to the next level and a month later to the next.  Now I am wearing 9mm.  My foot has very naturally straightened forward and I walk very comfortably now.  The PCIs are so flexible I hardly know they are in my shoe.  I am very thankful that this product is available.  And that my doctor knew about it.

Dorothy Duncan

Pam Holbrook from Valparaiso writes:

Dear Posture Dynamics, Inc.
Thank you so much for making your Posture Control Insoles.  I started with the 3.5 mm  and have moved on to the 6.0 mm.  I have had chronic back and muscle pain for many years and have kept searching for relief from it.  I never would have thought of my feet as being a factor, but with your Posture Control Insoles I have noticed a definite improvement.  Thanks again.


Barbara Mahoney from Yakima writes:

Thank you for the Posture Control Insoles.  Such a simple design solution for chronic problems.  We'd changed beds several times to correct my husbands pain in the upper buttock area - no change.  Several appointments with a physical therapist and exercise well done and no change.  After a week or so in your insoles the pain was gone and if he wears them stays away.  He did have a low back attack and was afraid he'd exchanged one problem for another but it seems to be better.  I find while wearing the insoles I can stand for a much longer time without pain.  Thank you for the help.

Sincerely, Barbara Mahoney

Louise Trickel from Manitowoc writes:

Dear Bjorn Svae,
Previous to using Posture Control Insoles, I have had recurring low back pain.  After using Posture Control Insoles  for a month, I have no pain.  
I find Posture Control Insoles easy to switch from shoe to shoe and am not even aware they are there. 
Thank you for developing this helpful product. 

Louise Trickel

Benjamin Ohmart from Bend writes:


Jim Fulmer from Guernevill  writes:


Patrick Campbell from Altamonte Springs writes in an e-mail:

Greetings Bjorn Svae,

I am writing to you as you have requested for feedback on how your Posture Control Insoles have helped me with feet and back problems on a daily basis.

I want to say that in 14 years The Marine Corps, The Veterans Administration nor the private podiatrists I have seen, have been able to provide me with relief of the constant pain in my feet and back.

Not all my conditions have been cured, but your inserts have enabled me to continue an active lifestyle and to pursue the social activities with out the debilitating pain I had suffered.

Thanks for a great product!

Patrick Campbell

Knee and Hip Pain


Kathleen Shea-Starks from Ann Arbor writes in an e-mail:
I am writing in response to a letter I received about giving you a testimonial and perhaps getting a free pair of insoles. So here goes.
In the past year I switched from using orthotics to using Posture Control Insoles. I especially like them because they are so light and easy to change from shoe to shoe if I need to. And they are much less expensive so I can get them for more than one pair of shoe. At first I didn't think they would do the "job" as they were so light weight and not contoured to my foot as orthotics were. But they work so much better. I have more confidence to exercise and just do the normal every day living things I do. Walking doesn't bother my hips or legs as it used to.
Thanks for bringing a more effective product to the market!

We love Kathleen's humor and "Proof that Posture Control Insoles fit all kinds of feet"

Steve Benson from Thousand Oaks writes:


Barbara Brownlie from Wolverine Lake writes:

Thank God for Posture Control insoles.  I ordered mine about six weeks ago and have, for the first time in 13 years, a pain free walk.  My right foot could be a model for the foot you show on the website.  I discovered your site when I read about Morton's Foot in the book, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofacial Pain Syndrome, and decided to check it out on the net.  "Too many to count" doctors have never been able to explain why I had such pain and inflammation on the inside of my right knee and the outside of my right hip, along with muscles aches and pains and TMJ.  Even though I told them I thought the problem was with my foot, no doctor, podiatrists included, recognized Morton's Foot or acknowledged that my problems began with the foot.  Boggles my mind!!!  I have even been in physical therapy nine times in the last 10 years. 
So.........Thank God for my new insoles but.....I continue to have a problem with the right foot even though my pain is lessened considerably and, most miraculous of all, my extensively treated TMJ is gone.  (I can't wait to go to my dentist next week to tell him I no longer have TMJ.  My question:  Do you know of a Doctor in the Metro Detroit area who is knowledgeable on the subject of Morton's Foot?   It would be much appreciated if you could refer me to someone to help me figure out what more can be done to correct this long standing problem.
Thank you for your website!!!!!!!!!!!! It has given me more information than any of the Doctors I have seen.

Barbara Brownlie   

After responding to Barbara's request, she writes:

Dear Bjorn,

Thank you and Tom for responding so quickly to my question concerning my continuing problem.  Even though I still have some residual discomfort, I must say that my overall improvement has been quite miraculous.  My greatest pain was from my hip not staying in alignment and no matter how many times a Dr or physical therapist would put it back in place, it would quickly go out again.  That problem has been solved by wearing the Posture  control Insoles.  I cannot thank you enough.  To walk without pain is so wonderful.  I don't know if this is a result of being more pain free, but my overall feeling of well being has also greatly improved. It is as though my whole body feels the difference.
Yes, you may use whatever you feel would convince others to purchase the Posture control Insoles.  I am going to work here in Michigan to convince as many professionals as possible to research Morton's Foot and Posture control Insoles so their patients can benefit as I have.  (I do think many members of my family will be purchasing them also.)
 I have wondered since the first day I received the insoles if maybe I didn't need the 9mm in my right shoe.  I still have some pronation in that foot.  Dr. Lori felt that I needed to give my body time to heal and that the myofacia was probably quite messed up.
But once again........thank you so much for your help and quick response.  I am forever grateful for having discovered your web site......it has changed my life.

Barbara Brownlie

Rebecca Juarez from Vancouver writes:


Elizabeth Berg from Redmond left this note in our website feedback section:

I was fitted for my insoles at Family Health Center in Bellevue by Bjorn Svae during a training of new staff and he gave me his card with the website.  I was looking for more information on your website to describe the insoles to my friends and family.  I have worn the insoles for one week+ and my knee pain is gone.  After a couple of days my knee still hurt when I wasn't wearing my insoles and would resolve when I put my insoles back in.  I need more so I don't have to keep changing them to different shoes or slippers (They fit perfectly in my Halflinger slippers).
Elizabeth Berg

We received this suggestion:

You may want to consider targeting the cycling community. As you know, most of the power transmission comes from the ball of the foot in cycling, so the correction your insoles offer is especially applicable. Specialized Inc. offers a varus correction in all of their cycling shoes where the tilt is molded into the outer sole. There is also a company that offers a popular cleat shim wedge that offers a less than optimal correction that tilts the entire foot. Most cycling shoes have removable innersoles which makes it very easy to install you soles.

Mark Adler

Lisa Meyer from Elk Grove writes:

Attn: Bjorn Svae

I have been wearing your Posture Control Insoles for approximately 1½ years and have had a wonderful experience.  I had knee surgery in March 1989 and have had problems since then.  Since the first day of wearing the insoles, my knee has felt incredibly better, almost totally without symptoms.  Thank you so much for making these insoles available for people like me.

Lisa Meyer

Foot and Leg Pain

Todd Keane from Wilmington sent us this remarkable e-mail:

I am writing this testimonial to the benefits of Posture Control Inserts.  I was someone who suffered from a variety of musculoskeletal maladies: back pain, knee pain, and then debilitating foot pain.  I had lateral meniscus surgery done on my right knee, which was the result of over-supinating, which I figured out later was because I was compensating for over-pronating.  When I walked, my feet were shoulder width wide and my gait was labored.  I would always tell my wife I didn't like to walk because of the discomfort.  I was able to live this way for years, even though I own and operate a full-time Karate Academy and was on my feet a lot.  As the years went by my feet hurt more and more, particularly my 2nd toe of my right foot.
I went to my PCP who referred me to a podiatrist.  He prescribed orthotics, which didn't help.   I also saw the following professionals - two chiropractors, 3 Orthopedic foot surgeons, a general Orthopedic Surgeon, 2 Acupuncturists, a Message therapist, multiple Physical Therapists, a Physiatrist, a Mind/Body Pain MD, a Pain clinician, 3 Orthotists etc.  After thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of appointments, and a lot of pain and frustration, my feet got to the point that I actually needed surgery.  I had three surgeries, one to cut a ligament in between my 3rd and 4th toe due to excessive forefoot pressure, one to excise a painful nerve that was caused by my improper bio-mechanics, and one to shorten the abused 2nd metatarsal on my right foot.
I wish I had found out about Posture Control Inserts years ago.  I could have avoided all the pain and misery, never mind the expense.  After having surgery on my feet, I was still in pain and I found the Mortonsfoot.com web site and started to read the information and for the first time all the pieces to the puzzle came together.  It finally became clear to me that I was walking on a Bi-pod instead of a Tri-pod for all those years.  When I wear the Posture Control Inserts, my gait is more natural, and I don't waddle anymore.
It amazes me that so many healthcare professionals are not aware of this great product.  I highly recommend it and encourage anyone with Back, Neck, Knee, or Foot pain to give them a try.

Todd J Keane, MBA 

Quynh Nguyen from Canada sent us this e-mail:
Dear Bjorn:
 I want to thank you for your prompt responses whenever I had questions about the PCIs and what benefits they would bring me.  I first learned about PCIs from doing some research on the internet on bunions and Morton's neuroma, which my doctor had diagnosed about 2 months ago.  I've gone through several treatments and did not feel any difference, only that the pain under the ball of my foot, caused by the neuroma and the start of a bunion, was worse.  So I decided to try the PCIs, since I had nothing to lose and did not want to spend $500 on orthotics that would probably not help my forefoot.   After two weeks of wearing 3.5mm PCIs, the pain has drastically diminished, especially when I walk with the PCIs.  I still feel a little pain in the morning when I put my bare feet on the floor, due to my bunion, but it eventually goes away.  So it is healing in progress, and I am very happy with my decision to try a product from the internet, which I had never done before...EVER.  I have talked about the great benefits the PCIs have brought me to my colleagues and friends, and they now want to try them.  Some of them have been wearing orthotics for years and find them painful most of the time.   The PCIs are very comfortable. I do not limp anymore.  I can even wear them in high heel shoes (not more than 1.5" high), and very comfortably.  But I believe that these PCIs cannot be worn in any types of shoes (like 4 " high pointy heels), but rather nice fashionable comfortable shoes.  Thank you so much for creating this great product!   Just a last anecdote; a friend of mine asked me several months ago "There's gotta be some type of insole out there that helps the foot and posture, instead of those rigid and restraining orthotics!".   She has her answer!
Thank you again.

Rick Harbison from Snohomish writes in an e-mail:

I started using the Posture Control Insoles when they were introduced to me by Andrew Slater (my former chiropractor) before he moved.  We started out with the 6.0mm, but that was too much so we switched to the 3.5mm.  Once I began wearing them my shin splints settled down, I felt better jogging and now I have them in all of my shoes.  I have bought six pair of them to date.  I have a pair in my workout shoes, work shoes, yard work boots, cowboy boots, etc.  That was over a year ago and I swear by them and recommend them to my friends. 
Before using these I have the custom built orthotics fabricated by my foot doctor.  They never were very comfortable and they didn’t help my shin splits.  The Posture Control Insoles have been great and keep my feet, back and legs from getting tired as quick during physical activity and have greatly decreased my overall soreness after workouts.
Thanks for creating this great product.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks, Rick

Phillip Buller from Sebastopol writes in an e-mail:

Dear Melady,

It is a pleasure to give a testimonial about the PCI's. I wear a 9mm PCI.  Posture Control Insoles have made a difference for me. For years I have suffered from pain due to osteo-arthritis in both great toe joints. After wearing PCI's my pain has been significantly reduced, and my posture has improved as well. I can really tell the difference if I wear shoes without the PCI's. Thanks for making a good product that works.


Pat Williams writes in an e-mail after receiving her rebate check:

Hi, thanks for your letter and the enclosed check.  Yes, I have actually purchased 3 pair of PCI - size 6.0 mm.  I wear them as is in my work tennies, in my "better" tennis shoes, and also have a pair which I have cut down to fit smaller flat shoes.  If I had another pair, I would adjust them to fit my heels.
My original reason for the  purchase was that I was developing a hammer toe.  After wearing the PCI for several months straight, I've noticed that this is not a concern anymore.  Also, when I don't wear them for a day or two now, I notice my feet are very tired and uncomfortable feeling.  So --- I am a believer.>Thanks for your innovative creation.  Keep up the good work.

Pat Williams

Sandra from Yakima writes:

Dear Sirs:
For years I had real problems with my feet and back hurting. I would get sores and corns that hurt so bad I hated to put my shoes on. No matter what type of shoes I bought—nothing worked. I had to wear medicated pads between my toes. One day as I limped into my doctors office he asked me why I was limping so he looked at my feet and told me about the posture control insoles. He fitted my shoes with the insoles and I was immediately walking better. The pain is no longer, and the sores and the corns have gone. I wear them in all my shoes now and don’t know how I got along without them. I love my posture control insoles and have recommended them to my family and friends. I recommend them to all.

Thank you, Sandra Shaw

James Groninger from Richmond writes:


Silvyne Henderson returned a note on our letter of invitation:

I first learned of our insoles from my Somatics instructor, Phil Shank.  Previous to wearing them I had been in almost constant foot pain day & night, particularly since I have a longer second toe on each foot (near the big toe). & Phil pointed out how his insoles have helped that foot pain, as well as sciatic pain.  I have only worn them one month right now & recently broke my "baby" toe, so not all my aches and pains have disappeared yet, but I am hopeful!

Silvyne Henderson

John Meyer from Elk Grove writes:

Dear Mr. Svae,

I have been wearing your Posture Control Insoles for over two years.  I work as a registered nurse doing twelve hour shifts, which can be very tiring on my feet.  These insoles have made my feet much less tired and achy, which in turn makes me less tired on my days off.  Thank you so much for making these insoles available to me. 

John M. Meyers

Postural Alignment

Len LeSuer from Lockport sent us this note:

I've only had my PCIs for a short time, but I feel my body is aligned better.  My feet feel better, my posture is straighter and I'm able to stay on my feet longer.  Don't waste your money on expensive orthotics which don't work.  Let the professional and caring people at Posture Dynamics help you on your road to recovery.  You'll feel immediate results.

Thanks so much,
Len LeSuer

Judith Vogel from New York writes:

Dear Mr. Svae
I am writing in praise of your product Posture Control Insoles.  I am able to walk in comfort, ease and safety!  I was having difficulty walking in comfort and fell a few times.  Debbie Moran recommended the insoles explaining how I was only making contact with the pavement on 2 points on my sole and that the insoles would steady my feet.  Now I stand straighter and can walk, run etc. without fear of falling!  Thanks for your great product.

Judith R. Vogel

Rafael Dominguez writes in an e-mail:

Bjorn: Thanks for the information.  I spoke with you (for almost an hour) over 2 weeks ago and did order the 3.5mm insoles.  When I first got the insoles they looked very plain and ordinary, in fact, I thought I had gotten ripped off.  However, as soon as I tried them on – what a difference in my posture and ability to stand comfortably!!  I have worn them for about 2 weeks now and just placed an order for the 6mm insoles.  I’ll be using the 3.5mm for my soccer cleats and the 6mm for everyday use – I’ll let you know how it goes.


Sandra Kolodziej from Hammond writes:

Dear Bjorn Svae,
I have always been very easy on shoes. I only have to replace them because of the sole.  I would wear them at an angle until they would make me fall.  The upper part was like new.  I have been going to the doctor and he suggested your product. I love it now I don't wear the sole down at an angle.  Thank you so much

Sandra Kolodziej

Gail Fisher from St. Petersburg writes:


Judith from New York writes:

To Whom it may concern:
I have been wearing Posture Control Insoles™ for almost one year.  Previously, I was falling once a week, and when I told Deborah Moran, she said I needed the insoles and what a difference!  I stand up straighter and my feet are more firmly planted on the ground.  My shoes still fit even with the insoles inside them.  I highly recommend them.  I wear 3.5 mm.
Thank you

Shoulder and Neck Pain

John Cullen from New York writes in an e-mail:

I suffered for a long time with back and neck problems.   The woman I use for massage and trigger point therapy noticed my big toes were a little short and was affecting the way I walked.  After she convinced me to purchase my first pair I noticed a difference right away.  I felt my body adjusting itself between my office visits.  I was eager to purchase an additional pair so that I wasn't changing them from shoe to shoe.  I recommended them to my sister.  I was having a hard time keeping my pelvis stable but with your product the adjustments are lasting.

John C Cullen

Colleen O'Mara from Chicago sent us this e-mail: 

To Whom it may concern: I would first like to thank the doctors and engineers for saving my sanity with the invention of the Posture Control Inserts. I would have sent my response to this letter sooner but within two weeks of receiving your letter, the Fibromyalgia Magazine called for a testimonial story. I realize now, these are two unrelated situations and would be more than happy to share with you my experience, which in many ways has saved my life.
Since I was 16, I have been plagued with foot pain and shoulder/neck pain. My chiropractor started me in orthotics stating I had falling arches. Within a couple months of my starting my orthotics, my pain decreased but not completely. This began my life long journey anti-inflammatory medications and clumsiness. 
My mother had her first foot surgery when I was 18. She had a total toe replacement, a tendon pull to bring her toe towards the rest of her foot, and then was plagued with staff infections and complications with her knees and hips due to the surgery. I continued wearing my orthotics best I could, style was everything when you are starting college.
By the time I was twenty, I was now having popping hips, foot pain, middle back pain, chronic neck pain. My mom was up to 8 surgeries on her right foot and completely unable to work at 50. I was growing depressed with what I was seeing, feeling, and then confirmed when I fractured my big toe and took my x-rays to my moms foot doctor, my big toes were separating from the rest of my foot. No one had answers.
At 26 years of age, I began my quest for answers. 3 physical therapist, a doctor of physical therapy, 2 chiropractors, a well respected rheumatologist, internal medicine specialists, psychiatric doctors who believed this was a mental dilemma, and two pain clinics referred by two very well respected hospitals in Chicago.  I have been on medications like Enbrel, Cymbalta, Steroids, Celebrex and Mobic couple with Nexium to alternatives such as receiving ultrasound on my foot, sticking Keenex taped under the toe portion of my full orthotics, Chinese Herbal Medication.  I finally landed at the Fibromyalgia Treatment Center of America where I finally I got a medical professional to look at my feet and toes. The first to take extreme notice were the myofascial therapist team. I was seen by their D.O. and my orthotics were replaced with Posture Control Inserts. Not only did I feel immediate changes but I understood what they were doing which gave me piece of mind.
No medical professional ever had a solution to the pronation of my mothers feet and at 16 years old I already started suffering. 12 years of suffering and at 28 years old I wanted to have solutions, not more questions. Posture Control Inserts were the first solution to my questions. I went from a 3 to a 6 adding some therapy to the mix coupled with yoga balancing therapeutic exercises. My body is better balanced.  I have less and less foot pain, less numbness, and less hip popping. I also have a decrease in neck and shoulder pain.
I can't thank you enough for educating others of your product. I would love to be your spokesperson on the PCI products. You can use any of the pictures posted of me onwww.sirensinger.com or even reference it for a fun spin on my testimonial. I think people will be very surprised at how typical of a person I am and the sadness I went through on my journey just to find some simple solutions.

Thank you SO much!
Colleen O'Mara

Orthotics Failure

Mark Peterson from Hawley writes in an e-mail:

Despite having worn orthotics for years, I developed continued worsening of my symptoms of lower back/hip, shoulder and neck pain.  My neck and shoulder pain had gotten to the point that it was often difficult to get a good night's rest. Even when I finally fell asleep, I would wake up because of the aching in my neck and shoulders.
Recently, my massage therapist mentioned that I might benefit from the Posture Control Insoles (PCIs), inasmuch as the orthotics were obviously not correcting my postural alignment or Morton's foot problems. Now, after wearing the PCIs for only two weeks, my lower back pain is almost completely gone and my shoulder pain has dissipated considerably!
Thank you for making this wonderful product. It has truly changed my life.

Mark Peterson

Karen Saldana from Seattle writes:

I am a forty year old female.  I have been a physically active as long as I can remember.  I run 10-17 miles four times a week, walk 6-8 miles, love to hike.  Over the years my arches fell, my back began hurting.  I was fitted for orthotics, which cost me over 500 (2x).  I had to change my shoes so I could fit the orthotics.  I continued on hoping this would solve my pain, unfortunately the pain continued and became far worse.  One day I was basically unable to barely walk.  I made an appointment with Carl Jelstrup and he discovered my orthotics were throwing me off.  Carl recommended "Posture Control Insoles".  At first I questioned the insoles being so thin but since they are so affordable and not thick I decided to give them a try.  Well, it's been 2 years and I have been "pain" free, I am able to run, walk long miles without any pain or discomfort, I am able to slip my insoles into a dress shoe without any major adjustments.  Posture Control Insoles give me peace of mind and a pain free body!!  Thanks so much!

Gratefully Karen Saldana

In an e-mail, Chris writes:

I’m writing to thank you for your great product, the Posture Control Insole .

I have found that it controls my hyperpronation and enables a good posture by supporting my big toe.  The insole allows for a proper foot strike, and I don't need an arch support.

What a wonderful feeling it is to have my feet support themselves without being needlessly confined in an orthotic. An orthotic separates me from the ground.  My leg muscles are allowed to stretch out and my gait is correct, as my feet are aligned properly. I can now read the surface that I am walking on.

I have spent a lot of money over the years on orthotics to control hyperpronation.

Orthotics are expensive, and they simply don’t work nearly as well as The Posture Control Insole.  I would recommend the Posture Control Insole to anyone who hyperpronates.

Chris C, Brighton, MA

Dr. Renee Dickinson DPM from Cherry Hill writes in an e-mail:

Thanks for your help.  By the way my posturedyne insoles have helped my feet more than the traditional orthotics that I had made.  My chiropractor, Dr. David Cheetham from Haddon Heights New Jersey, instructed me to wear them and it's been amazing the difference in my feet. Thanks!

Renee Dickinson, D.P.M.

Donlon from  Chapel Hill writes in an e-mail:


First, I want to say that I NEVER write testimonials! Yet, I feel compelled to thank you for the most wonderful product I've purchased in years This product works so well that you can use them upside down and get great results!  I'll explain below.

For about five to six months, I've had moderate to severe pain in my feet and had not been able to exercise. Often, I would hobble out of bed and limp part of the day. I purchased $100 running shoes, but they didn't alleviate the pain. I even bought a couple kinds of orthotics to no avail. I started gaining weight and researched on the internet to diagnose and remedy my ailment. I finally came across your site.

I wasn't certain if your insoles were appropriate for me, so I called and obtained the most gracious, patient, and thorough aid I could imagine. He helped me diagnose the issue and I bought the perfect fit. With your money back guarantee, I figured it couldn't hurt.

I immediately felt relief! I have been exercising on the elliptical machine 5 days per week for about 3-4 weeks now and have even run on the treadmill machine a couple times. My pain along the bottoms and heels has diminished by about 90% and the pain on the top of my left foot about 75%. I still feel some pain infrequently, but it is nothing like before and I see continual improvement!!

This has all happened while I had been wearing the inserts upside down! I called Posture Dynamics to solve the issue of the insoles sliding out of the shoes when I take them off and Bjorn immediately told me to turn the cloth side up. Oops! I can imagine how well they'll work now! Looking for 100% improvement now and I bet I will have it.

Thanks so much!  To your health!!

Brian Donlon


Randy Bolt from Townville writes in an e-mail:

Dear Bjorn

I can now run pain free for more than an hour thanks to the changes your Posture Control Inserts have given. I am not really a runner but at fifty-five jogging from three to ten miles several times a week is good for my heart, blood sugar control, and overall health.

After trying many cushioned and supportive inserts and metatarsal pads from reputable companies such as Doctor Scholl’s, Spenco, and even custom molded orthotics my ball of foot pain persisted. I spent even more hundreds of dollars on running shoes. I tried the cushioned New Balance 876 as recommended. Then I read runners placed one foot in front of the other causing functional overpronation so I tried New Balance 857. Mizuno Wave Creation 7, Brooks Diad, Reebok Premier and others forgotten all with and without specialty inserts and lacing techniques and the pain persisted.

I tried Dansko clogs (the worst for me), the negative heel Earth Shoe Energetic-K and SAS Time Out (popular with neuophropy patents), and Georgia Boot 6503 comfort core since I work on concrete floors and have even slept in night splints to treat plantar fasciitis. Tried ice and ibuprofen for short term relief.
Now I buy Athletic Works Corey running shoes at Wal-Mart for $15.88 or on sale for $11.88 then replace the inserts with the 6mm Posture Control Inserts. The shoe-supplied inserts, typical of all shoe manufacturers, are made of closed cell foam which fails under pressure. Manufacturers twist this around to “molds to your shape”. Think of all the money I’ve wasted. Think of all the money I’m saving now. More importantly, think of all the pain I’m avoiding and the improved health I’m enjoying.

Five months ago I first tried the Posture Control Inserts I immediately felt a muscular response while walking. It took perhaps two months before my running improved. First up to thirty minutes pain free and now to over an hour before some light discomfort begins. My feet do not ache at work. I still can get tired but before my feet hurt even when lying in bed. I have noticed that health walking strengthens my feet more than running. In other words walking helps me run better. I will try my 3mm for running and continue the 6mm for every thing else.
Thank you for such a fine product.

Randy Bolt

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