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About Anthony




Anthony has been a Human Movement Educator for the past 23 Years, starting in the pool as a stroke instructor and team coach along with a decade of Martial Arts training.

In 1995 Anthony moved out Vancouver, Canada and moved to cycling. After thousands of hours training and racing Track, Road, Mountain Bike, and Cyclocross and some memorable trips down south to work with Hunter Allen he introduced power based training and devices to Canada. Eventually Anthony became the only Cyfac certified bike fit and cycling postural expert in Canada. In 2004 he founded TrainingFx with the aim to create the most accurate, fact based, comprehensive bike fit process in the country.

In 2008 he decided to complete the circle by investigating the most essential human movement, running. Anthony traveled to the UK to learn under Lee Saxby and later Irene Davis and become Canada’s most qualified barefoot movement instructor. Realizing that his work had moved and grown into new territory he founded Origin Athletics in 2010 with the aim of bringing product and education based on evolutionary principles of human movement.

Most recently Anthony found Crossfit and shortly after completing his coaching certification, he founded The Movement Lab to take almost three decades of acquired knowledge on human movement and develop blueprint for creating powerful human movement in everyone. Anthony realized that the vast majority of us have no interest in being athletes, but we all want to be athletic. Anthony has spent the last five years assessing and educating anyone who wants to learn to move powerfully, anywhere in the world. 

In 2011 after a long fruitless search for a skipping rope that could handle the rigors of Crossfit training. Anthony founded Evolution Ropes with the aim of developing the toughest, perfectly balanced, custom made skipping ropes for the Crossfit community around the world. Hand made in Canada.

 "If you learn to move powerfully, you will learn to live powerfully"


Human Movement Educator

Certified CASA Swimming Coach

Certified NCCP Cycling Coach (Mountain, Road, Track)

Certified FACT Level 2 Certified for Lactate and VO2MAX testing.

Certified Cyfac Body Geometry and Posture Bike Fit expert.

Certified Crossfit Coach

Certified by Lee Saxby as a Master Barefoot Running Instructor and Coach.

Certified by Dr Irene Davis PHD as running injury prevention and therapy instructor.


Athletic Experience: 

Competitive Swimmer - 15 Years

Competitive Diver Platform, 3m Spring - 3 Years

Aikido - 8 Years

Karate - 4 Years

Judo - 3 Years

Canadian Forces Cadet - Athletic Leadership Program

Canadian Forces Officer Cadet - Athletic Leadership Program Instructor

Competitive Cyclist, Track, Cyclocross, Mountain, Road - 18 Years

Competitive Runner, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Trail - 8 Years

Crossfit -  6 Years




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