Shipping Facts and Policy

Before we get into specifics, let us be clear on our shipping "philosophy":
  • We want to get things to you as quickly as humanly possible
  • To keep things simple, we offer Free Shipping in North America on all orders over $100
  • If there is a shipping charge (for expedited shipping, for example), we are not in business to "profit" from shipping; you are charged what we are charged
  • Undercommit; overdeliver

Our primary shipping service is FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery. Both are "ground" services that take 5-7 business days from coast-to-coast. 

Delivery Time

Delivery Time is dependent on 2 factors: 

  1. "Availability". Every product that is in stock "Usually Ships in 2-3 days"
  2. The method of delivery - our Free shipping method is either FedEx Ground (commercial addresses) or FedEx Home Delivery (residential addresses). FedEx Express Saver takes 3 business days; 2nd Day Air is two business days, and there are several options for Overnight delivery based on the time of day to be delivered. 

    Additionally, please note that delivery time is also based on "business" days. For example, if you place an order on Sunday, it's impossible for us to ship an item the same day as all the shippers are closed.

Calculating Cost

We do not profit from shipping. In fact when it comes to our international shipping or flat rate shipping options will loose a little with each order! We understand that shipping over the ocean is expensive and we want to help. Should you charge Rush shipping, or if we're shipping your order internationally, your shipping cost will be exactly the same as we are charged by whichever shipping company is used to deliver your package. Shipping costs are calculated on the website automatically during Checkout based on the weight of the items you are purchasing. 

We Are Not Amazon!

Amazon is as multi-billion dollar fulfillment business. They have warehouses all over the world that operate 24 hours a day, thousands of employees, and monster contracts with all the couriers and postal agencies. This means that they offer free shipping at far less cost then we can. 

We are not FedEx, UPS, Canada Post either

We have no control over your package after it is picked up by the carrier. If you are wondering where your package is, contact the carrier with your tracking number. Its important to remember that you are the one choosing the carrier for your shipment, and you get what you pay for. We typically use FedEx Ground for Free Shipments in Canada, and Canada Post for US shipments. If you are not comfortable with those services please select a service that meets you needs. 

International Shipping and Canada Post International Air Mail Service

If you are an international customer and you purchase a product that weighs less than 2.0Kg you will see "Canada Post International Air - Package" This service is very economical and over the past four years has proven to be very reliable. However there is a reason its cheep:

1. It does NOT include a tracking number, and we cannot get one from Canada Post under any circumstances. 

2. Delivery times average 3 to 6 weeks. Especially to Australia and South Africa, we always see much longer shipping times to both those countries. When we discussed this with Canada Post, they explained that these packages will only be loaded on the planes when there is leftover room, as ALL other packages using more expensive services get priority. Depending on how many planes are flying those routes, that can mean literally weeks sitting at a warehouse. However sometimes they get there in a week! Expect it to take longer than you think and if you need it at a certain time DON'T select this service. 


    Free Shipping Offers

    Free Shipping, which will be FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery (5-7 days for cross-country delivery) in Canada and US Air Mail for the Continental US. Free shipping promotions are available only, within North America.


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