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Posted on January 27, 2013 by Origin Athletics


One of my new bike fit customers, Hon, rolled in with a very sweet custom "Seven" and the coolest waterbottle cage tool kit I have seen. I asked him for the details of its construction so we could share! Here are Hon's detailed instructions. Enjoy!
  • The softshell Trek waterbottle toolkit is perfect to hold a minipump, inner tube, tire levers and patch kit while minimizing clutter. During wet weather, however, it's not as good since it's not waterproof and soaks up water. They are also discontinued.
  • The 750cc Shimano hardshell waterbottle is better for wet weather, but there is a lot of empty unused space inside, and the loose contents tend to rattle over bumps.
  • The smaller 500cc Shimano hardshell appears to be the perfect size, but does not accomodate a mini pump. You could use C02 cartridges instead, but that's not how I like to roll. I prefer the security of a pump.
500cc bottle, 750cc bottle, Trek softpack

I decided to make my own version:

Step 1: Assemble your parts

  • 1 500cc shimano hardshell storage bottle
  • 1 mini pump of your choice, I like the Lezyne pressure drive in size small
  • 1 big rubber grommet that will fit tightly around your mini pump (electronics or hardware store)

Step 2: Drill a hole in the top cap of the storage bottle

You can use a Dremel tool, but it takes patience and a steady hand. For a cleaner cut, I used a drill press. Note: the hole is offset from the centre to maximize storage space inside.

Step 3: Slip rubber grommet into the hole

If you measured correctly, the fit should be very tight and form a nice waterproof seal.

This is what it looks like on the underside->


Step 4: Slip mini pump onto the rubber grommet

If you have selected the correct size grommet, the fit should be tight and form a waterproof seal:

Step 5: Load inner tubes, patch kit, tire levers into storage bottle and screw on cap

Insert storage bottle into the cage and enjoy the clean look. Rattle free, while keeping contents inside nice and dry!

Do not drill hole too close to the outside edge. Otherwise you will not have enough clearance at the top lip of the cage (some cage designs do not have this lip so you may not have this problem).

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