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Posted on January 28, 2013 by Origin Athletics


Being a roadie, I'm obsessed with racing as much as possible to stay happy. This did not happen this year. But a number of other things took my riding to the next level.

I discovered Anthony at Training FX, while searching for a new derailleur clamp. While there, I noticed that he carried a saddle that I was interested in trying. After 3 years of agonizing pain in my nether regions, and over $1000 in failed attempts to find a comfortable saddle, I test rode the Selle SMP.

It only took about 5 minutes to realize that my search was over, but Anthony still insisted that I take the demo before buying to be sure.


A week later I bought 2. Now I have 4, and I'll have to save some cash for more because every bike in my arsenal needs one.

Then we moved on to my fit. I've had 2 really great fit sessions in the past, but I felt there was room for improvement. Enter Anthony. Using the Cyfac Postural system he made some surprising changes to my position. Slightly lower saddle. Slightly further behind the crank. Wider bars. Shorter stem. It felt so different at first I was a little uneasy, but then I went to Mt. Seymour and YES - it felt great. 30 minutes of hammering while seated, I felt the benefit. I use this position on my road bike, and now on my cross bike too.

Speaking of 'cross, I picked up a beautiful Cyfac Megacross frameset from Anthony. Since early september I've raced 13 cross races. 11 podiums. 5 wins. I guess the bike, saddle, and fitting is working!!!

~ Eric J Robertson

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