ProKinetic Insoles Work Great for Crossfit and Helping Vivobarefoot Shoes Feel even Better!

Posted on September 01, 2015 by Origin Athletics
It's been about a month since I've put the pro kinetics into my vivos and it's been great.
Here are some of the benefits I've experienced so far (I should have taken more notes along the way as I'm sure I'll miss some of the good experience I've had along the way.)


1.  It made my vivos wearable 100% of the time.  I've had the shoes for close to a year if I remember correctly but didn't wear them regularly as if I wore them for too long or for certain activities I'd get really sore in my feet and heel cord.  Immediately after putting in the inserts I not only could wear them all day but wanted to as they felt really good.  Lisa was/is constantly telling me to take my shoes off in the house because I keep wanting to leave them on (true story!).  No pain and a lot of comfort. 


2.  I could feel immediately the muscle activation in my feet and calves.  The first day I wore them I put I did some muscle-ups.  Normally when I drop from the rings I get a sharp pain in my feet when landing.  Not so this time (nor since) and I could feel the force being absorbed differently in my feet (more under the first met-head as opposed to out near the 3rd or 4th).  It also made it a lot easier to consciously apply force through the base of the first met-head, which is something I'd been trying to work on before putting the inserts in but with much less success.


3.  Activation transfered to integration well.  I've struggled with box jumps for years and wondered why.  With the insoles and resulting newfound muscle activation and motor control along with a conscious effort to drive through the base of the first met-head my box jumps are way way way way way way better.  My feet and low calf/heel cord used to get crampy and I'd fatigue quickly.  Not so anymore.  Jumping is more effortless and I now get sore high in the belly of the calf muscles and closer to the back of my knee.  Both my double-unders and box jumps are greatly improved.


I look forward to transferring this to my olympic lifts where I'm sure I've been missing a few pounds due to improper integration of my calf muscles.  I'm hoping to PB those soon and will keep you posted.
Now, I know I can flex the muscles in my feet much more voluntarily than I used to but that doesn't mean I do it subconsciously yet.  Without the shoes on (and even with them on to some extent) it takes some mindfulness to drive through the base of the first met-head.  No big deal, just saying it's not exactly a slip it it and all is 100% fixed kind of deal.  The bump under the first met-head is a great reminder though.  One month in it's less novel though and I have to be more mindful of it than I did at first.


Anyway, I'm sure I'm missed several benefits I've experienced so if there's something you expect one to experience do clue me in and I'll tell you if it matches my experience.
Thanks so much for the time you took to put them in and have me try them out.


Loving them.
Bill - Crossfit Coach
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