Top Myths about Barefoot Shoes

Posted on August 13, 2015 by Origin Athletics

Many people may feel intimidated about the prospect of switching to barefoot shoes.  Here are some of the top myths we hear about:

#1 I have to wear the shoes in bare feet. With Vivobarefoot shoes, socks are just fine. Barefoot shoes are about letting your foot move naturally and send better signals to your brain about its current position.
#2 There will be some pain during the transition. There should be NO pain at all, just don't take them out on a run for the first six weeks.
#3 I can take my new barefoot shoes out for a run. Bad idea! Your feet need time to re-develop their former strength and flexibility that was lost during the time you spent in traditional shoes. Current fitness level is not a factor either, in fact veteran runners tend to have a harder time than novices, because they want to push the process too quickly.
#4 Barefoot shoes don't last. Not true, in fact our experience shows they last longer! Minimal interference with the movement of your foot means less wear and tear on seams and stitching. Better yet and the function of your foot improves there is less drag on the soles, and no heal to wear down!
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