Barefoot Shoes, the Revolution of Evolution!

Posted on August 13, 2015 by Origin Athletics

Do we need heels?

Heels were actually invented around 1500 AD to make it easier to ride horseback, and NEVER used for walking! Later, heels became a status symbol: the taller you appeared, the wealthier you must be. Now we look at each other's cars, and lengths of driveway to determine status anyway, so maybe it's time to lose the heels?

Discover your foot...

It's time to re-discover the results of more than 8 million years of evolution. We figured out how to get to the moon in only a few hundred years! Imagine the refinements that have been made to our feet over millions of years to make standing, walking, jumping, running, and lifting more efficient.

Take your foot, grab the ball of your foot, and move it around in a circular motion. Now push it up and down. 20 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, 100 ligaments, and 7200 nerve endings all working together. Modern robotics has never been able to replicate the human foot; it's simply beyond current technology.

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Vivobarefoot Shoes - Another Great Review!

Posted on August 13, 2015 by Origin Athletics

All the reviews on Vivobarefoot shoes are starting to roll in, and as expected, they rock!

If you have not considered or researched the barefoot lifestyle and shoes, it's time to start! Here is another great review of the Evo II being used for Crossfit. 


I will post again with more information resources. Kudos to George at Manimal for taking the leap, and taking the time to write a great review! 

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