Evolution Pro Double Under Rope 2.0 - Womens Rope

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Small - 245cm
Medium - 275cm
Large - 300cm

Skipping Evolved

The Revolution 2.0 Pro Rope is a high performance skipping rope deigned for maximum efficiency; integrating high tensile sealed wire with precision crafted steal handles and hand adjustable pins to set the length of the rope on the fly without a screwdriver or allen key. We have tested this rope in extreme conditions to ensure it does not come apart or break when you need it most. With the Revolution 2.0 Pro Rope, skipping will become an integral part of your training regime that will lead you to the perfect double and triple jumps.

The Evolution Rope series have been developed over 4 years to bring precision, speed and balance into a strong and tool free adjustable rope so you can dial in your double under! 

We built this rope so tough, we decided to give it an unconditional warranty against breakage for one year! 


Size Chart   Find Your Height   Choose S,M,L or Custom
Custom Less than 5'1" <
Small 5'1"(155cm) to


Medium 5'6"(168cm) to 5'11"(180cm)
Large 6'0"(183cm) to 6'4"(201cm)
Custom > More than 6'4"
Custom Want the perfect rope? Select this option and we will contact you to collect your information. 


"Skipping Evolved - Origin Athletics Revolution Pro Speed Rope"

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