Evolution Intro to Double Under Rope 1.0 Unisex

Evolution Intro to Double Under Rope 1.0 Unisex

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This is the rope that started it all! The first, properly balanced, tool free self adjustable in the world! It also includes our patented double wall, replaceable cable cover that protects the rope form damage when used outdoors and kinking of the cable during use. The weight and speed of the rope are dialed in for the beginner looking to get their first double under. Priced so anyone can own their own rope! 


Size Chart   Find Your Height   Choose S,M,L or Custom
Custom Less than 5'1" <
Small 5'1"(155cm) to


Medium 5'6"(168cm) to 5'11"(180cm)
Large 6'0"(183cm) to 6'4"(201cm)
Custom > More than 6'4"
Custom Want the perfect rope? Select this option and we will contact you to collect your information. 


"Skipping Evolved - Origin Athletics Revolution Pro Speed Rope"

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